We know the church in Canada is experiencing a substantial decline in membership and participation. Therefore, we resolve to be part of the solution as a new church forming community in new ways to reach the next generation of people in our community.

"The 20th Century model for building churches focused on church buildings, whereas we believe that the future of the church is to focus on how to build the community first."

Instead of creating a large church building that is surrounded by a sea of parking and only used once or twice a week, Gateway wants to create a campus that is vibrant throughout the week because: (1) it has buildings that cater to the needs of the entire community; and (2) they are designed to be so welcoming and comfortable that people will simply want to hang out there.

Forge Partnerships

We will create partnerships that matter! In the future, Gateway’s campus will be home to entrepreneurial incubators to help people start small businesses that our town desperately needs as it continues to grow. There will be non-profit collectives that bring services to our local community as well as collaborative national and global initiatives. There will be space for community events that will remind people of the importance of doing life together.

Do it with Adventure

Do it all with adventure! Churches are not normally known for their adventure and creativity these days, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, some of the great movements in human history started with the church. We believe an adventurous and creative approach toward loving a community in bold ways will awaken people to God’s love.

Be a Model to Others

Gateway Church wants to serve as a model to get these elements right for other congregations around the nation. We are prepared to lead boldly into this next chapter of reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ. With your help, we can create a new path that just might revitalize communities with a life-giving model for sharing Jesus with the next generation.

"This is our opportunity to follow Jesus on an adventure to reach people with a thoughtful, caring design that invites them to engage God in a relationship."