About Us

If you are visiting with us, we want you to experience a few things while you are here.

First, we hope you feel welcomed.

Second, we hope you find us friendly, inviting, and willing to listen to any cares, concerns or needs you have. We are a church that tries to do what we do well and keep a heart to listen to new people so we can grow in our ability to love God and people more completely.

Third, we hope you will not experience any pressures - like giving money or having to stand up and say something. Just enjoy being with us and open your heart to Jesus. Finally, we trust you will experience God's loving presence.

Our greatest desire is to live lives that please God and welcome Him when we gather together. May you experience His love above all. Please feel free to call me any time with questions or comments.

Joy to you.

Interim Lead Pastor

  • Pastor Jeff O'Brien

Music Director/Worship Leaders

  • Andrew & Krista Meier

Church Office Manager/Bookkeeper

  • Jocelyn Dunn

Board Members (Local Board of Administration [LBA])

  • Chair: Pastor Jeff O'Brien
  • Vice Chair: David Baird
  • Treasurer: Janice Dunn
  • Secretary: Anita Schubrink-Delarge
  • Trustee: Gord Stavenow
  • Member-at-Large: Gary Gilks