The Journey Begins

So you are seeking – God, truth, meaning, purpose, fulfillment? Don’t know where you are at or what you want? This is a perfect place to begin or move to the next level in spiritual discovery.

We believe that God already knows you. You are not on this page by accident. He really cares about you and wants you to discover Him. In fact, He really wants to have a relationship with you. Sounds weird? It does to most people because there is a general feeling out there that God doesn’t care, doesn’t know how to relate to the ‘real’ world (He’s an old guy who’s irrelevant or uncaring about human difficulties or issues) or that you have to be good to hang out with Him – and you don’t fit.

Well, the journey to really understand God can begin right here, right now. You have two options really. You can explore some of the content we’ve posted on our FAQ page. They are posted in developmental order where possible. So if you follow the sequence of questions they will build on each other. Or, you can ask the pastor specific questions.