Matthew Chapter 2-2

2:3 - New Revelation

I was struck again this morning. I have been reading this passage (2:1-6) for about a week. I have seen several things I have yet to journal about. Yet here is something new that I saw this morning. I suppose I’ve seen this or been exhorted about it many times, but here it is in front of me: Following the revelation that leads to Jesus always causes a stir.

It wasn’t just King Herod that was upset but “all Jerusalem with him.” I’ve already noted in my other musings that it is somewhat ironic that the star is in the sky, the King has been born, but it is Gentile spiritualists from the East who are actually tracking on Jesus and are the first recorded who come to worship him. It is their quest for the King that causes the stir. And I get the distinct impression it isn’t all a good stir!

I think this will always be true. If we follow the Spirit (in whatever form He grants revelation - a star, or whatever) to the worship of Jesus as King, it will always cause a stir and often most among the politicians and religious community. I don’t think we follow the star much. I really don’t. I think we in the West are way too busy making money and being entertained to bother noticing the star. When was the last time I even bothered to stop and stare at the sky at night to see if there is a star up there?! I mean that both physically and figuratively; for often our physical disposition is a clear reflection of our spiritual state.

The glory of God is to reveal Himself. But even in the physical, I notice, people these days mostly don’t listen. They just talk. They fill the silence with empty words. They pontificate and express their views. They frequently (I find this to be a growing consistency) talk over top of one another. Even the latest sports shows and political interchanges are built around the very concept of talking over top of one another. Nobody is listening. Am I?

Am I a “stirrer” or “stirred”? I truly wonder. I receive so little revelation from God these days that I wonder if I am one of the ones who would be stirred. I’m certainly not doing much stirring. Shouldn’t the reality of Jesus in my life cause a stir? Is He dumbed down these days? Is He niceified (I know it’s not a word, but it just fits!) in my life and in the way I present Him? Has the radical, the threat, the violent (spiritually), the cart-upsetting, challenge to my (and everybody else’s) control systems disappeared from His nature? Is there anything left about Jesus in me that causes a stir?

O God, I pray you would show me and help my heart embrace the Jesus that causes a stir. I don’t much like the Jesus I have. He doesn’t do much, change much, upset much, love radically, offend the religious, do miracles everywhere He goes, break the power of satan on every front; and He certainly doesn’t get persecuted. My Jesus is really nice; smiles a lot; is friendly; gives me nice spiritual principles; is a comfortable in His piousness as He sits and criticizes the world and its ways without doing much to change anything. He doesn’t cause much of a stir.

I feel safe in Him. But I don’t like Him in my heart. Dismantle the Jesus I have created in my heart and reveal Your Jesus; the One of the Bible. I want the Jesus I read about; the One who causes a stir.

Matthew Chapter 2-3