Discovering Jesus

Pastor Ian Dunn

Somewhere in my journey - not long ago - I decided to discover Jesus. I mean, I know I can't see him right now. I can't be like the original disciples and walk around with him for three years. But Jesus left a record of himself in the book. My problem is, I spent much of my life dissecting the gospels as "sermon material" or at best "devotional analysis." This is the kind of approach I was taught in seminary.

Trouble is, even if you pray and ask God for help to see as you study, there is very little discovery of the person of Jesus in that process.

Discovering Jesus take a little more time and effort. It takes a focus on relationship and a seeking heart. We have to want to know him, not just learn about him. So a couple of weeks ago I began a journey to "Discover Jesus."

That may be a lifelong task. I don't know how long I'll do this. But even though it isn't Christmas!...I began at Matthew 1:1 and will continue through the gospels sort of one day at a time to see what I can discover. What follows is simply my musings. It's not a pro commentary. It is a journey through the record of Jesus' life, looking for a heart connection and revelation of who He is, coupled with a willingness on my part to enter into new growth and change in my life to adjust to the discoveries I make.

Welcome along. Please feel free to feedback or send questions any time.

Rev. Dr. Ian Dunn
Senior Pastor